Britten: A Midsummer Night’s Dream


8:00 pm - 10:30 pm CEST

Opéra de Lille
Place du Théâtre

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Oberon Nils Wanderer
Tytania Marie-Eve Munger
Lysander David Portillo
Hermia Antoinette Dennefeld
Demetrius Charles Rice
Helena Louise Kemény
Bottom Dominic Barberi
Puck Charlotte Dumartheray
Flute Gwilym Bowen
Quince David Ireland
Snug Thibault de Damas
Snout Dean Power
Starveling Kamil Ben Hsaïn Lachiri
Theseus Tomislav Lavoie
Hippolyta Clare Presland
Cobweb Florianne Melleret / Julie Dexter*
Peaseblossom Emma Ponte / Lisa Muchembled*
Mustardseed Violette Desmalines / Louise Bauer*
Moth Amané Shiozaki / Anna Miroslaw*

Musical direction Guillaume Tourniaire
Directed by Laurent Pelly
Decor Laurent Pelly, Massimo Troncanetti
Costumes Laurent Pelly, Jean-Jacques Delmotte
Lumières Michel Leborgne
Children’s choirmaster Pascale Diéval-Wils
Director’s assistant Paul Higgins
Singer Christophe Manien

Young Choir of Hauts-de-France
Lille National Orchestra

Strange creatures lurk at night, in the woods near Athens, and different worlds live there without crossing paths. The Lovers do not know that the Rustics exist. Neither the Rustics nor the Lovers know that they are surrounded by fairies. And only the ingenious Puck can travel from one world to another. Illogical, you might say? Of course, since it’s a dream! But rest assured: all Shakespeare’s art, masterfully adapted by Benjamin Britten, is to transform this confusion into a magical comedy of loves. In 1960, the composer was pressed for time: he had to design an opera for the Aldeburg festival and had only seven months… He therefore chose a work that was more than familiar to him. Sometimes ironic, sometimes romantic, sometimes realistic, sometimes fantastic, the climates created by Britten happily bring together his different inspirations: songs of popular folklore like the gouaille of his Little Chimney…
Mastered in the art of phantasmagoria, director Laurent Pelly, after the enchantments of King Carotte in 2018, wanted for this dream a shimmering nocturnal where to complete all flights, and where even the most down-to-earth situations free themselves from gravity.

With the support of CIC Nord Ouest, a major patron of the Lille Opera

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