Dido & Aeneas – La Nuova Musica

1:00 pm

Wigmore Hall

La Nuova Musica

  • David Bates director
  • Rachel Kelly mezzo-soprano (as Dido)
  • George Humphreys baritone (as Aeneas)
  • Anna Dennis soprano (as Belinda)
  • Emilie Renard soprano (as Sorceress)
  • Helen Charlston mezzo-soprano (as First Witch)
  • Martha McLorinan mezzo-sporano (as Second Witch)
  • Louise Kemény soprano (as Second Woman)
  • Nick Pritchard tenor (as Sailor)
  • Richard Bannan baritone (as Spirit)

‘Genius’ may be an overworked term but it surely applies to Purcell and Dido and Aeneas.

David Bates and La Nuova Musica offer a lunchtime date with the opera’s full passions and high emotions, its earthy humour and profound tragedy.


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