CANCELED – Kagel: Staatstheater

7:30 pm

Theater Bonn

In 1971, Hamburgische Staatsoper had to be placed under police protection because of bomb threats which followed the premiere of the work. Almost 50 years later (and especially considering the celebration of Beethoven, whose work Kagel also addressed), it is time for another attempt at this work.

Die Intendantin Yannick-Muriel Noah
Die Tochter der Intendantin Marie Heeschen

Primadonna Louise Kemény
Oberbademeister Tobias Schabel
Sohn des Oberbademeisters Kieran Carrel
Unabhängige Ärztin Anjara I. Bartz
Oberamtsleiterin Emma Sventelius
Jugendchor Jugendchor des Theater Bonn

Orchester Beethoven Orchester Bonn
Musikalische Leitung Daniel Johannes Mayr

Inszenierung Jürgen R. Weber

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